Student Emergency Fund

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At this time, support for our students is more critical than ever.

Man holding young girl with sign that reads: We are in this together!! #NCtogether

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on our students’ financial situation, as many businesses temporarily close, ending jobs on which our students depend to pay for rent, food and other necessities.

To assist students at risk due to the unforeseen impact of COVID-19, Niagara College has created a Student Emergency Fund.

Donations to the Student Emergency Fund will provide emergency bursaries for students experiencing income insecurity and financial shortfalls as a result of the pandemic.

NC Students need your help as the stress and pressures to manage their situation continues to build up during these uncertain times.

Every student has a story:

“It’s difficult to focus on my studies when I don’t have enough money for groceries and rent.” 
“My co-op placement was cancelled which I was relying on to help with expenses.” 
“I’m a single mother of three and not currently working.”

Donate to the Student Emergency Fund

If you are able to help a student in need, please consider making a donation to the Student Emergency Fund. Your kind support to will provide an emergency bursary for a student experiencing financial distress during this difficult time.