Help a Student Today

Two students studying together outside of NOTL campus on grass

Niagara College students need your help.

As we continue to welcome a majority of our students, staff, and faculty back to in-person learning, we cannot wait to experience a full and lively campus again in the Fall. The energy is high, but so is the continued need for financial support.

Many students experience the stress of financial hardship on a daily basis – whether it be struggling to pull together enough money for rent, taking overtime shifts to pay for textbooks, or wondering where their next meal will come from. The financial constraints that students face continue to grow, and they need your help.

A gift in support of a Niagara College scholarship or bursary will help students pay for things like tuition fees, textbooks, living expenses, meals, and commuting to campus. Most importantly, though, your gift will provide much needed respite for a student experiencing financial stress, allowing them to grow and thrive in their studies and get the most out of their NC student experience.

Niagara College has recently established the Phyllis Webstad Indigenous Bursary, honouring Phyllis’s tireless advocacy and providing Indigenous students with the show of support they deserve. NC has also established several funds to assist students who are experiencing unforeseen financial challenges: the Student Emergency Fund and the Nourishing Minds Fund. Additionally, the College has created the Global Emergency Relief Fund to support international students who face financial challenges due to world issues that arise in their home countries or here in Canada.

Please consider supporting a student facing financial hardship.