Be World Ready Fund

Niagara College offers a welcoming, diverse, and interconnected learning environment that is responsive to the intercultural demands of today’s globalized world.

Niagara College students can engage in applied intercultural and global citizenship learning experiences to develop the specific skills that will distinguish them as both job-ready and world-ready.

A Niagara College world Ready graduate:

  • Analyzes the world and its events through both a local and global lens
  • Is adaptable and resilient
  • Respects and values diversity
  • Is compassionate and self-reflective
  • Understands that intercultural communication is complex and dynamic
  • Innovates and cooperates to solve challenging problems
  • Offers entrepreneurial ideas to build healthy economies and communities
  • Recognizes the realities of the world . . . but strives to make it better.

Intercultural experiences are key learning opportunities for students to develop Be World Ready competencies.  Approximately 1% of Niagara College students gain experiences abroad through international work, study or volunteering.  Another 10% of Niagara College students are international students.  There is the potential to engage the other 89% of students in an intentional intercultural or global citizenship experience as part of their post-secondary education.

Donations support this important strategic direction by providing resources to Niagara College staff and faculty, who are interested to develop applied intercultural and global citizenship learning opportunities for NC students.

Donors may establish a named Be World Ready Fund or add to an existing fund to support this important initiative.