Supporting Students during COVID-19

Students speaking

Niagara College students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic need your help

Our daily lives have changed completely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us, including our students, are feeling financial pressures and hardships as we navigate this global health crisis.

Many students are facing significant challenges they could never have anticipated. As they adapt to measures that are protecting our health and safety, our students are also facing challenges due to the loss of employment. Many students are struggling to pay for rent, food and other life necessities, as well as internet access and technology to complete their coursework.

In recent weeks, an inspiring number of Niagara College students, employees, alumni and others in our community have reached out to ask how they can support students facing financial hardship during COVID-19. This sense of caring and generosity is a testament to our NC spirit, and a source of strength for many of us during this difficult time.

Niagara College has established two funds to assist students who are experiencing unforeseen financial challenges: Student Emergency Fund and the Nourishing Minds Fund.

Please consider supporting a student facing hardships during COVID-19